Top 5 Artistes in Ghana

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This list is based on relevance, popularity, clout and numbers (streams, etc.)

  1. Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale inarguably has the highest number of loyal street fans.

He’s always in the news, mostly because of something he said in an interview.

Although the number of purchases isn’t stated, his ‘Reign’ album amassed enough numbers that landed him on the Billboard World Albums chart.

He has the most active Facebook account.

He has 908K followers on Twitter and 969K on Instagram.


  1. Sarkodie

Sarkodie has a very strong and huge fan base, i.e. Sark Nation

Although he barely lands a hit song of late, he’s always on the lips of the general public, mostly for excellent rap delivery.

His ‘Highest’ album had a good performance on various digital outlet charts.

He has a strong YouTube presence.

He has 1.8M followers on both Twitter and Instagram


  1. Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy has a very strong and huge fanbase, BHiM Nation.

Although an A-list artiste, he’s hungry for higher heights.

He has a big international appeal; collaborating with Morgan Heritage, Damian Marley, Sean Paul, etc.

His album ‘Epistles of Mama’ was ranked 13th on the Billboard World Albums chart.

He has 819K followers on Twitter and 1.3M on Instagram.


  1. Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene has a very strong YouTube presence, with ‘Angela’ having 10M+ views, and ‘Wish Me Well’ having 6.1M+ views.

He has taken a forefront in the new school.

He has been in the news, mostly because of wardrobe and fashion criticisms.

He’s arguably the most popular young artiste amongst the youth.

He has 250K followers on Instagram, and 90.4K on Twitter.


  1. King Promise

King Promise also has a strong YouTube presence, with ‘CCTV’ raking 4M+ views, ‘Selfish’ 2.2M+ and ‘Oh Yeah’ having 2.1M+ views.

He mostly lands in the news because of his fashion trend and bald head.

A very popular figure amongst the youth.

He has 425K followers on Instagram and 126K on Twitter.


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