We All Deserve to be Appreciated

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We do not have to wait till a person is not around before we appreciate all the good
things they have done for us or others. It is good to say positive things about people in
their absence, however, people need to be encouraged, appreciated or complemented in
their presence so that they will have the strength to continue their good works. As cars
or other machines need fuel to run, as athletes need the screams or cheering of the
crowd to put in much effort; that is how all the people in our lives need to be
encouraged or complemented so that we see more of their positive attitudes.

Sometimes, we need to tell them to their faces; looking right in their eyes and smiling so
that they know all their little efforts are appreciated. Family members, close friends or
colleagues should be the ones who we should compliment and appreciated often. We
tend to overlook all their efforts; these are the people who give us much and due to
familiarity we fail to acknowledge their efforts. We wait till they are not around before
we begin to accept and appreciate all that they have done. When a person is praised or
complimented for a good deed done rather than a mistake they have made; we notice
that they do more of the things that will get them praised rather than the things they
will do to get corrected. We all respond to positive reinforcement; positive attitudes or
thoughts overshadow negative ones.

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We all want to feel good and confident about ourselves and one way we can achieve this
is to praise, compliment or appreciate people. One of the best things that can happen to
an individual is seeing that you are the cause of the smile on someone’s face or making
someone’s day. This is better than criticising or pointing out the faults of a person; it
seems easy but it is not worth it. The most beautiful things in life are simple and easy to
give. A smile or a laugh or wishing a person the best in life are all simple. We have to
learn how to look at the positive when we come in contact with a person.

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A complement can help someone have a stress-free day; a hug can make a person feel
wanted or needed. People need these little things to get through the day or the week.
Sometimes, these complements encourage us or the people who receive them to push
harder; or give their best due to the confidence they get out of these comments. Like
children, adults also feel confident and want to prove to our parents or loved ones when
we are having a performance in public- even when we are shaken by the presence of the
crowd: that is what a good comment, complement or an appreciation from someone we
know is telling the truth does to us. It is amazing how babies understand a smile or a
complement. So as we go through our day(s) and meet a friend, a relative, colleague or a
stranger; we should take some few seconds of our time and appreciate their efforts. Let
us tell them what is positive and true about them in their presence: it could be their
sense of humour, their sense of style, their colour choices or their attitude or anything
positive we can find about them. We all deserve to be encouraged to be able to keep
doing the good things we do.

Written by Adwoa Owusuaa

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