Why Most Artistes Fall Off

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It takes a hit song for an artiste to become popular, but it takes more than that to maintain the status of being a star. Some people never get to reach limelight and give up along the way.

Others become victorious and find that one song that remain on the lips of the people. Quite a number win and never find that spot again; we call them one-hit wonders. But it’s only a few who are able to remain relevant and sustain their popularity for a very long time.

An artiste’s failure to maintain popular status may be as a cause of mismanagement of talent and funds, or even the pride that fills the artistes, but in numerous instances it is us. Yes, the consumers. Our human nature prevails and kills the artiste’s dreams. What human nature am I talking about here?

Strongman at SarkCess; A Good Move or Not?

A wise man once told me, people love underdogs, but people hate winners. Since that day I’ve looked closely for proof of what he said, and it has being evident in our artistes’ career lives. When they are on the come-up, we cherish them a lot, we love them, we wish we had an association with them, so we can brag “oh, this guy who just won the award is my friend I fool around with.”

We act like that till we see them win, then we get tired of them, and they start to irritate us. So at that point the statement changes to “this guy koraa what?”, “this guy sef he dey bore, we tire am.” That’s the same point we start with our social media trolling. We load our digital ammunitions and aim at these innocent targets, and shoot till we get short of bullets.

These artistes are human beings with emotions and weaknesses. Just as we all get depressed at a point, creatives experience that a lot. So a lot of artistes get stuck at that point, lose focus, shed motivation, and in the end it affects the art. They fall into that hole, and may never rise again no matter the content they put out, because an artiste can release endless music, but it’s the consumers who will determine whether to receive it or not. And at that point they’re the ones busily pulling you down.

However if the artiste is able to maneuver his ways and find the path to overcome that, not being perturbed by whatever trolling is trolled at him, strengthen emotionally and spiritually, the consumers realize such a breed is undefeatable and give up their efforts.

They realize hating on someone that’s born to be successful is not such a wise investment, and throw in the towel. But the question is, how many artistes have such abilities? How many can do that?

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