Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset

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The title of this article should’ve been a cliché by now. Everyone should know this by now, but unfortunately we are barely exposed to such important truths. Sadly, the media doesn’t promote such content. It’s not the fault of the media though, because the media mirrors society.

The problem is with the society itself, hence we chase what the society and media presents as trendy and ‘cool.’ No wonder we have a lot of wannabe slay queens and fraud boys.

The youth spend a lot of time in the gym and feed on diets to get them a perfect body, so they can do it for the gram. That’s actually good, but just as you chase all these perishable things, one has to invest in the mind. That is more important.

Stephen Hawking.
Photo credit: Wealthy Gorilla

Let me tell you a true story about a man who had nothing but his mind. He could neither talk, nor write. He lived majority of his productive years in a wheelchair. He even had to be fed. In conclusion, he had nothing to offer but his thoughts. When Stephen Hawking, the great scientist was 21 years old, he was diagnosed of a developing motor neuron disease, which would eventually affect all almost all parts of his body and physical activity. After graduating from university with a PhD he had an accident, and his only hope of surviving was a surgery which would cost him his talking ability. That means, he wouldn’t be able to share his thoughts with no one. Fortunately, he was equipped with a sophisticated device which could translate his thoughts into text and speech.

Using that he wrote more than 10 books including the ever popular “A Brief History of Time” which has effected lots of life. He used the time of his life well, by simply investing in the only property he had left, his mind.

There are various means to advance the mind – reading books, watching enlightening movies and documentaries, listening to interviews, etc. These are basically experiences by experts who are sharing the information with the world, so we don’t have to go through the same phase they did. Let’s utilize it. In this internet age, we have no excuse to be ignorant about things we have to be educated about. Let’s learn outside our specialties. Let’s equip our thinking abilities, let’s learn about finance, history, economy, entrepreneurship, and the like. Let’s become leaders. Let’s change the world!

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