Don’t Be Ungrateful, Show Appreciation

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It’s not so common these days to come across a wholehearted person who would show us love by offering a helping hand. But often, people devalue whatever help we get from others. Sometimes too as a result of poor upbringing, we ignore showing appreciation to those who offer helping hands.

With every little assistance offered, it has to be appreciated. Due to the lack of appreciation, people lose trust and reason to aid others. I’d use myself as an example. I used to do a lot of things to support others, because I stand for others following their dreams, and going out of the norm to make it happen for them. But there are a few times I’ve had a ‘thank you’ back. It’s not like I offer help to gain appreciation, but without it I feel like my help isn’t worth it, and it actually doesn’t change anything.

I think to such people the impact is so small that it’s negligible, but meanwhile at my end I put a lot of energy and time into it. Have you sat down to develop and write articles about people, and share all their material on social media just for them to ignore it? Have you sat with them and offered ideas and plans for them, amidst introducing them to people who would later cause a change in their lives just for them to completely ignore it?

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You sit back and you think ‘oh, maybe my good is not good enough.’ A school of thought doesn’t see any problem with this, but think about it yourself. It’s a stinking trait! Whenever anyone gives a helping hand, it’s only moral to say “thank you”, or show appreciation in any form. It doesn’t take anything from you. It subconsciously motivates the person to do more. Culture that habit of showing appreciation from today and become a better person.

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One thought on “Don’t Be Ungrateful, Show Appreciation

  1. Boss you are surely right about this, this generation has forgone showing appreciation and it’s high time we inculcate such habits ..

    Thank you for your words and articles

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